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About Me

Overall Being was created to make Gift Giving & shopping online that little bit easier. A gift you want to buy which has something of uniqueness to it. Look no further than Overall Being. We even offer lay-by ....perfect for Christmas time.

Overall Being is all about helping you create a magical memorable moment in your life. Allow Overall Being to take that role from you in allowing you have more free time in organising other things.

Overall Being is run by a Mother of four boys ..........What more can one say. Lisa knows how busy life can be and the hurdles that can be thrown at you through this.  With this I know how hard it is to get out and have "you" time relaxing, not too mention spending quality time with the "girls".
In this I offer at Overall Being Boutique Party in the privacy of your own home. Offering a range of Massage treatments and Pampering to you and your guests. 

Hi Everyone
I am Lisa and a huge welcome to Overall Being :-D This is my blog that you are on atm....whereby you can read behind things that is going on within my business , life but also I add tips and other things that I feel my followers will get something from.
I am a mother to (what I believe) four utterly devine boys, my eldest being born in 1996 then my last being born in 2008. Living here in Melbourne with them and my husband has given me the ever changing lifestyle which having boys can bring to your life.
I have a strong belief in alternative spiritual and natural remedies. Which took me to study Aromatherapy back in the 1990's....this turned my love to enrolling in a Reiki Masters course.....Kundalini and Crystal chakra practioner.....and then finally adding Diploma of Muscular skeletal therapy to this. This has lead me in being qualified in Chakra , Crystal Therapy, Reiki Seichem Master, Numerology, Kundalini Practioner, Muscular Skeletal Therapist, Aromatherapist....I believe in having a widened varied expertise which enables me to fall back on other things to help those around me. It allows me in having alittle more diversity than others.I offer these services through a Boutique Home Massage Party, which I have been doing since 2003. You can view about this via my Reiki, Chakra, Massage & Boutique Home Party Page.
The love of family and friends has now brought me to become passionate in delving into Digital Scrapbooking....scrapping memories & making personal unique products such as canvases or albums. This uses my creative side which was held alittle hidden when focusing on natural therapies. Hence how Overall Being is the way it is now....Offering many various products and services. Which is how this business was named Overall Being!
All products from here is hand made. 

Lisa tries to source or create new items to add so be sure to join either the fan club or the blog to see what is new.
You can find me on facebook where I offer exclusive deals and first to know "whats hot" inside here.......

Where can you find Overall Being?

For starters for Massages I am available as a Boutique Home party at your own home / for individual sessions I am located in Heathmont (Melbourne).

Otherwise on the big world web I am located:

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So as you can see I am quite accessible for everyone anywhere