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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Grassroots for Overall Being

Over the years I have had to take time off one stage or another for my darling family and the new additions along the way. In this time I have leaned onto my creative side to give me options to feed my spare time.

Along the way I have met soooo many gorgeous and amazing business people in the handmade industry that I know for a long time they will remain such.

I have though hit a page in my chapter of life lets say that I am turning back to my grassroots....Massage & Healing. Something along with natural products is something very important and is so me and what I believe in. I know this inside and out and have done so much intensive training that it seems crazy to not turn back to this.

So I have restructured my business and website to this change in the tide.

Overall Being will now only be offering Massage treatments, Healing, Boutique parties at home but also a selection of other alternative therapies for people who do not live within driving distance to me. Now I know alot of people loved the fact Overall Being offered a range of affordable yet unique gifts. It was a hard decision for me to do this to my business, cause along the way I have met alot of gorgeous clients. So I have chosen to leave a select few of these which will  be available. Still keeping in my theme of personalised and custom though. I have used the main sellers from the past 12mths.

Why have I chosen to remove handmade.....I have as you know 4 children and a husband. Over the past 12 months time spent sewing, filling orders, stressing and "breaking even" is not enough for life. Life is about taking on moments and holding onto them as far as I am concerned. Making the most of every moment you can. Once that moment passes you can never get it back. I get alot of joy out of helping others and seeing a change for the better in them after I have treated them...I think this is why I keep falling back too my massage and healing but also all my aromatherapy products. Because I know its important.

So which gifts will remain? Zoobies, Aromatherapy, Digital Scrapbooking/Album creating, & some Jewellery. These all can be made into gorgeous hampers for a memorable gift for someone too. Adding maybe a voucher for a massage.

These days we all can get caught up in life and seem to loose the momentum very quickly. In this loosing touch with loved ones and this is my way of trying to allow people to get back in touch with friends / family.

Overall Being Boutique Parties will be the perfect scene for this. Gathering all your friends together in the comfort of your home......Laughter, Sharing moments, Massage......what more could you want? I do have other options available and something up my sleeve which I cannot disclose at the moment....but cannot wait too :) I use to do alot of Boutique parties before I slowed down for the birth of my 3rd and 4th son....and they were always such an amazing time spent together. I have now though met a few people that I can also make available on the party day to add that extra wow factor for your guests.

So I hope this brings as much excitement to you as it does for me. If you are in Melbourne though why not think about booking your own Boutique Party? Gather some friends and let me bring some fun and joy into your life.

Now I have babbled on and hope I have explained what the change is and why...I have also changed and updated my website so would love to know what you think :)

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday. I have had a very busy one !

Til next time..... Keep Smiling & Always know how amazing you are!!!

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Wicked Al said...

Well done on this decision babe. I know it was hard.