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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lucky the OB Elephant! ~Winner's 1st & 2nd Announced :)~

Lucky the OB~ Elephant.

I think its quite fitting really considering how lucky Elephants are in the energetic world. 

But I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part of this. To be a business who works from home and have some complete strangers who take the time out of their day to help me name products......It really is quite touching to be honest. So truly ...Thank YOU!

Now onto this competition......A week ago I placed up on my facebook fan page a photo of my first handmade fabric elephant. I wasnt too sure whether "shim" (at that time) would work as I wasnt going by any pattern or any design. Just what I wanted in my heart to come out. I am thrilled with the result. They are unique. But to me are something that any child will cherish for years too come.

I have made quite a few this week over a day so I have stock for my up and coming Fairy Floss Market. A combination of my Elephant Floral Fabric & Minky. I will allow customs for this Elephant though. I think having a handmade plush toy that has the option of filling it with some herbal flowers would be any favoured bedtime mate for any one young or possibly old :)

So now too the exciting part......I have sat down read out the names and votes to my children...I asked my eldest (14) to tally up any names for Ella. Asked my 11yr old to tally up any names for Lucky. I tallied up any others (as I have been keeping track of names and these two stood out during the week).....

LUCKY it is!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Dani Franklin!!! You have won your very own OB Lucky the Elephant.  Dani if you can email me with your postal address I can send Lucky out to you next week. If you have an option ie Minky with elephant print ears / elephant with minky ears please state this in your email. :)

Now I cannot forget the blog followers who also took their time in following.....reading and voting for others who had placed in their vote for this gorgeous handmade elephant.

So to you I used the Random.Org number generator....and number 3 came up!!!

Mippy!!!!!! You have won a $10 voucher. You can use this voucher for anything within Overall Being....it may even be used to purchase a Lucky Elephant :) So when you are ready please email me with what you would like :)

Again thank you everyone in participating in such an important new discovery for Overall Being!

Have a gorgeous weekend!


Dani and Andy said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to name "Lucky". I loved the idea of naming "shim" Lucky, especially as Elephants are said to bring good luck if they have an upturned trunk. That and the fact that anyone would be lucky to own one of your gorgeous Elephants!

Dani xox

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thank you so much Dani :) xo. But I do agree Lucky is very fitting within Overall Being world xo