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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ChikkieMoo Designs has it all stitched up!!.......

Hello to you on this very windy, cold & rainy Wednesday afternoon (here in Melbourne anyway).

I have realised this is the first moment today I have sat down to do absolutely nothing! But find myself here blogging to you all :)) Well I thought its time to give you an insight into a fellow business that I have used a number of times for personal but recently business.

You know how I am having a stall at the Fairy Floss Markets in October? Well I asked ChickieMoo Designs to design my business a Bunting and a Market Stall Apron.....After receiving a personal apron for myself when cooking at home, I knew my business would be in great hands!

Well understatement......SENSATIONAL HANDS!!

If you live in Melbourne and are coming to the Fairy Floss Markets you will be able to see these first hand!

Anyways enough about me and Overall Being and more about the amazing warm owner of ChikkieMoo Designs.....Bree!


My Overall Being Market Stall Bunting, I wanted it in circles because to me circles are neverending energy.

My Overall Being Market Apron

Bree's Gorgeous Children.

I asked Bree for some insight into her lifestyle, business and world....Hope you enjoy finding out alittle more about this creative gorgeous lady.

Name and a short bio on yourself:

Bree (aka ChikkieMoo to most, Super Mum to Maddi and Seb, wife to Mike and friend to many) 

I have the most gorgeous family, my hubby Mike and our two little ChikkieMoo's Madelaine and Sebastian.  They are what I live and breathe for.  I love to sew and scrapbook and that is where my business has taken me.  i am a qualified Interior Designer and love all things pretty!
Name of business and short Bio on business:

ChikkieMoo Designs hand creates and makes aprons and buntings and custom designs them to suite your theme or kitchen!  I also create business packs including table runners and beautiful table cloths matched with aprons and buntings for market stall holders.

Later this year i will be launching my website and the Interior Design part of ChikkieMoo Designs.  Specialising in fun, fresh and funky playrooms and bedrooms for little ChikkieMoo's using handmade items.
What made you start your business:

 I started ChikkieMoo Designs in May 2010 after planning my businesses and dreaming about it for months.  I can look after the kids and help at school and still contribute to the family income, so ChikkieMoo Designs works really well for us. My daughter and son were my inspiration.  I love anything handmade and outside of the box.  I wanted to get them away from mainstream and commercialised items.  I also wanted them to see that creating your dream and running your own business is extremely exciting and rewarding.  Plus I just love to sew! 
Your favourite quote and why:

Not really a quote but I love it and live by it!  Carpe Diem - seize the day! 

Finish the following sentences:

* I believe the real rewards in working from home are............. being able to help with the kids whenever they need me
* Some things in life I couldnt do with out are.......... ok so obvious choices are air, loving choices are family and friends and my morning choice is ...... coffee!
* My favourite past times are...................... travelling, scrapbooking, and sewing

* Things that motivate me are.............. my kids, my hubby, my family.  My hubby is my rock, he is my main motivator and biggest fan!  

Major News for ChikkieMoo Designs is Bree will be starting the Interior Design section of ChikkieMoo Designs and will be launching that with her website later in year.So make sure you are a fan of her Facebook fan page to avoid missing out on when that arises.

Not only is Bree the creator & owner of ChikkieMoo Designs but she also is an Event Organiser for Lollipop Markets in Adelaide, so that keeps her busy and surrounded by all things handmade for pregnancy, babies, kids and Mums and dads. So if you are in Adelaide and LOVE all the above, I would skip on over and visit their fan page not too mention go shopping at the Lollipop Markets.

So as you can tell ChikkieMoo Designs has everything stitched up for you personally or business sense when it comes to funky, practical and unique designs.
I,  110% recommend this business. So head over today and let Bree know I sent you.

My Kitchen Apron Bree designed for me using Lotus Flower.

I also really hope everyone who lives in Melbourne will pop by my stall at the Fairy Floss Markets to say Hi :)) But also if you live in Adelaide go by and meet Bree in person at the Lollipop Markets.

So look out for the apron and bunting....then you will know its Me :)

Stay Warm & Safe,


ChikkieMoo Designs said...

Thank you so very much Lisa. It's a pleasure and honour to be on Overall Being's blog.

Bree xo

Lisa Kavenagh said...

oh Bree you are most welcome. I actually feel very blessed to have gotten to meet you and have you create such wonderful things for myself personally and now also for my baby...Overall Being xo