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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Overall Being Shopping for Pink Event

I am thrilled and highly emotional over this event that I will be holding next year in early 2011 in raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer.So I thought I would blog a snapshot of information on here now to start the awareness of this so if anyone knows of someone they can pass this information on.

Why am I doing this:

I am doing this for a number of reasons. But mainly because Breast Cancer has affected me in a way where it has hit my core. I lost my Mother in December 2000 to Breast Cancer, she was 42 so was at an age whereby its unexpected. To loose someone who has given birth to you, nursed you, bandaged your sores, taught about life from a womans perspective, a friend who gave me a shoulder to lean on then onto being a grandmother to 2 of my 4 boys was certainly a huge concrete wall tumbling down. She was young when she had me , a teenager herself so we bonded quite tightly as we had each other to rely on mainly at times. At the time she left behind 4 daughters...me being the eldest and the youngest being 7 at the time. It has been a huge ordeal to deal with especially being the oldest. I still have days, weeks and months whereby it touches me and can be quite emotionally frustrating cause I cannot share with her the highs and lows of my life now. Even though I know her spirit is around when I need the support leverage.

So for me this event is going to be a personal one. One that I will be putting everything into. To help raise as much as I can for such an incredible situation in many lives. Lives that are affected on a personal level or a level whereby you know of someone.

It also allows me to add in my love of the wonderful world of WAHB (Work At Home Businesses). To work from home around a family is such a personal commitment. To juggle home life and work life in the same surroundings can be enormous! So if I can bring two personal loves together and make them one....will make this event an extraordinary moment, for many.

What am I asking of Others:

I must clarify this at the beginning...I will not be making any profits from this at all. So for me to not go bankrupt, I will be asking for donations, sponsorship and help in raising awareness of this event. The below information is a quick snapshot of what will be included in the Business Event Information Document (which can be emailed to you if interested in coming weeks). Until then any questions please just email me.

The following things is what I will be chasing:

* Hall for Hire (if you know of someone who can donate a hall or a large room please pass on details to them)
* Sponsors (There will be three levels available, please email for further information)
* Services from Hairdressers, Massage Therapists, Nail Tech's, and such to donate their time for the day.
* Businesses who may like to donate a product/s or the like for Silent Auction & Hampers as prizes on day.
* Businesses who would like to showcase their product range on the day as a "stall" situation. ( please email for information on this)
* Balloons (Pink & Blue), Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Cups, Spoons, Napkins, Slices etc for donation to use on day.
* A printing business to make a Banner showcasing the Sponsors for the event.
These are just a few things at top of my head at the moment, cause this is not until next year, this list may lengthen or shorten as I go along. But any help that is given would be greatly appreciated and accepted xo

To Find Out More:

To find out more about this event and be in the "know" please email Lisa on lisa@overallbeing.com.au
I will be putting together a Business Document for anyone interested and all information along with the above will be included. As time goes along I will be blogging and updating information about this via my website, twitter and facebook fan page.

I cannot wait to do this, I have been planning this for a few years but with this year being the 10th year of the anniversary of my beautiful Mother I though it fitting for next year. Its a huge task but with the knowledge of something good and my Mother as an angel helping me along I am positive this will be a huge success.

I look forward in hearing from you if you are keenly interested. Please if you think anyone would be interested feel free in sharing this blog post or link to others.

Warmest Blessings,

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