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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Gifts

Do you like my new updated blog?? I love it. Always makes you feel like you have just changed furniture around in the house...which I love doing...but with this new house of ours I cant :( So it will have to be my blog and website where I change the furniture around hehe

Anyways down to my blog post for the day.....I thought since I have not as yet explained about Photo Gifts now would be the best time too. With June already here...if you are anything like me, I start to think about and make lists for christmas presents.

What wonderful things to give something that has a special photo of collage placed on it to someone as a christmas gift?!

Well I have loads of things that you can place a photo or allow me to create a collage onto. If you are a business and would like products created using your logo this can be done also. Perfect thank you to special clients maybe?

Below is an example of a calendar that I made today.....I have used collages of my boys as an example....but as you can see this can be done using as little as one or many photos to add something to a calendar.

There are quite a few things available:

Calendars, Place coasters, Shirts, Hats, Aprons, Mugs, Keyrings, Collage Canvases, Bags, Diaries, Photo Albums, Jewellery and much much more....so below I will show some examples....But I do have these listed on my website whereby you can obtain all information. But always email me if you are after anything.

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