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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Act of Kindness...Warm Someone's Soul.

Act of Kindess + Warm someone's Soul = RAOK

Have you ever seen someone walking along and suddenly their groceries fall out spilling all over the ground? What about as you drive by and see an elderly person seeming to be in such discomfort as they try to get to their destination. A new mother with her new born and a toddler and a primary school child all trying to reach objects that is within reach whilst the mother tries to complete her grocery shopping.

Now consider this.......When was the last time you...

* Took over a cooked meal to your neighbour
* Dropped off a bunch of flowers to someone to brighten their day
* Emailed a beautiful poem to someone
* Helped someone at the shops

Well Wednesday in Overall Being is going to be this. I live by the Quote: " What you give is what you get back" But thanks to a gorgeous dear friend whom I have been blessed in getting to know reminded me of this Tuesday night. She gave me this beautiful competition idea and I am so grateful for having such dear friends and family.

Until 5pm......I would like each and every one of you to do an Act of Kindness to someone. It can be as big or as little but it has to be something that you normally would not do.

Being able to bring love, joy and a smile to someone really does make a difference in people's lives. Being able to bring such a change can make such an impact that it can alter the whole equation sometimes.

Now I know I dont have to offer a prize as an incentive for this, cause really we all should be doing atleast one good thing every single day. But today I am.

The above photo is what one person will win by doing RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness). It consists of a hand sewn by me Minky Heat pack pouch, Scrabble Tile Pendant on silver necklace, Handmade ring, LR Hand Cream & a Mixed Crystal Bracelet with Reiki Blessings added to it.

Once you do your loving thing for the day (but it doesnt need to be "one" thing, you can do many if you want)....you must leave a comment under this blog post saying what you did and how it made you feel.

I will read these out to my children Wednesday Night and will let them help me choose who will be the winner.

The winner will be posted on this blog Thursday.

The Winner also will receive a Reiki Distant Healing session done by myself also.

To spread Love and bring Joy to others will bring it back to you ten fold. But doing good things without expecting anything back is the finest form of Love.

Now embrace and spread Joy to others :)

I am so excited about this competition and cannot wait to read what you all have done xo


Lisa Kavenagh said...

Oh and my gorgeous friend has donated her prize (A heat pack to the cancer foundation) SO I have already emailed Peter Mac asking how I can send this onto them. xo Thank you Susan *mwah*

Agoo Australia said...

What you give is what you get back xx

sncsimplephotoedits said...

i have actually done two acts of kindness the last 24hrs.I have given a worker at coles a gift from their boss as i went out of my way to compliment that person's service =)
and i have also joined up with Flick the friendly witch do help her wish someone a gift although this good deed has not been done it will be done when she calls on me at any point in time over the next year

Liv said...

A friend of a lady down in Melbourne rang up last night frantically wanting to order a fingerprint pendant kit for her friend. It was so urgent because they found out the baby had passed and she was having a C section on Friday and would need the kit for then. That wasn't a problem as I can express post it.
After I got off the phone I thought back to when I had to leave the hospital after being told my son was critically ill and not expected to live, I did this for 7 weeks before we knew he would recover and the one thing I was given that gave me comfort was a teddy bear to hold.
So when I went to send the fingerprint kit I also included a teddy bear so she would have something to hold when she leaves the hospital.
I can't imagain the trurma that she will feel after lossing her baby just 6 weeks shy of giving birth but I hope that the teddy will give her some comfort and when she gets her pendant, that too.
Luv Liv

Living Altogether said...

Well we have neighbours that we have been well, they have hated us for a while...we have no idea why. After I lost my dad I wanted to make amends, and I tried, but it was shrugged off.
At my duaghters 1st bday, there was a car accident with them and my sister in law and it started a massive fight.
I am over it all, they ignore my children when they say hello etc so I thought enough is enough.
I wrote them a note and with a box of choccies, I placed it on their doorstep over the weekend.
It came back, letter ripped up and chocs squashed.
Really what can you do.
I still smile at them when we see them, but we are ignored. Hard to teach your children be nice to others when this is what comes back!


Simone said...

My act of kindness is something I have done today. Yesterday we found out my Nanna aged 88 has breast cancer. So today the girls and I went to visit her with a lovely gift made by the girls telling her how loved and appreciated she is. I also gave her a nice bracelet that was given to me when i was sick to help me through. She has it around her wrist to help her through all the tough times ahead of her. She said everytime she looks at her special bright pink bracelet she will know she is loved and it will help ease any pain just knowing she is loved and has such special family in her life.

debbie_deb said...

the elderly lady in front of me was short $4 at the checkout, so I gave her the money and asked she pay it forward if she ever is able to do so. We are struggling also, but it made me feel good to be able to help someone else out..

dsiscalledlyf said...

Being a student myself i dont have much money at my side.i just save my pocket money for any sort of emergency or otherwise my parents want ever it..Lastly i was able to gather twice 1000pkr at sepearate occasions....what i did was although it was a very trivial contribution still i gave off this money once to a students father who was admitted in hospital and needed to buy medicines.
second time i was gave it to a student who cant afford to give his tuition fee.
I myself is becoming a doctor and i aim to provide people health with least money usage because every person in this world has a right to proper education and health!
May God Bless Me with the strength to fulfill my desire AMEEN!