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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zoobie Offer (Blog followers only) (Cause we arent allowed to do promos on FB)

Oh I had to come by and blog about these lil fellows.....Baby Zoobies have landed in my house. I had to show off the baby Giraffe. He is so delightfully cute that I found it so hard to not take a photo to show you.

Excuse my  face behind him I am quite sick this week. I did try to hide behind him but my eldest son couldnt get a photo without me in it.

So in the Baby range you have:

Elephant, Hippo, Giraffe, Crocodile, Tortoise

The are $54.90 which includes postage.

As a follower of Overall Being blog I am going to do a special promotion for you all.

Any 2 Zoobies ordered receive 10% off.
For any 3 Zoobies ordered you will receive a third free (A baby one of your choice).

You will also receive 15% off your order if you are a blog follower and a fan on my facebook fan page.

At time of ordering all you have to do is say you are both of these so I can check then I will deduct the discount off and do a new invoice for you.

So what are you waiting? Go to my website now and have a look at these little darlings.....They are what I think every child should own.

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