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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winter Warmer Newsletter

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Overall Being

Well I dont know about you but I feel this year is going way too fast, it's May already! Winter has well and truly bestowed itself upon us here in Melbourne with rain, chilly air and winds. All of what makes Melbourne during the winter months. Amongst Football of course :) , Wine and yummy soups. I have three boys this winter season that play football so I well and truly feel like I am in a taxi cab travelling in all directions but how we love watching our little ones grow and develop into such terrific sports people.

Mother's Day is during Winter. I think its the universe saying "Mum stay in your pj's and relax! Happy Mother's day to all the Mothers for Sunday May 9th, I hope you had a gorgeous day being spent with family surrounding you. Mine consisted of watching three boys play Football.

This newsletter I will be highlighting a business which has shown me support and love over the time. I feel to show reciprocal love back is my way of saying how much gratitude I have for the business owner, Amanda. I also will have my usual Aromatherapy tip, new products information, discount promotion and what is coming up for Overall Being. So let's get started shall we?....

If you have recently visited Overall Being you would notice some changes....recently Overall Being had a dayspa appointment. My way of changing around rooms so to speak. Revamping it with new information, new template and less chaos amongst the pages. I feel it is much easier to navigate around now and see how Overall Being can help you. What do you think? Please feel free in letting me know. 

Overall Being has been busy adding a few new items lately. If you belong to the facebook group you would have already seen some of these there but also being blogged about.

One very exciting moment which occured yesterday is the fabulous Strawberry Jam Designs are now available to purchase from Overall Being. For babies, toddlers, tweens & teens to young adults, mums & dads! Sleep, lounge, read & sit.
You will find tons of uses for these floor cushions! To view further information please click the photo displaying these awesome products below which will take you their page on my website. Any orders please just email me.

Baby Zoobies are now available. Smaller version of their bigger brothers & sisters and slightly less priced. Perfect for the Nappy bag. As you can see in the picture below. How gorgeous is he?

Doodle Reversible Placemat is one new item which I am thrilled about. Perfect for any budding artist on the go or at home. These are already available and uploaded to my website, so please take a moment to view them. Feel free in emailing me if there are any questions or if you would like to order one. They are great for anyone young or old. For children they serve a handy accessory to take with when out and about. For Adults they are perfect for a keepsake....line your dining table at your next event as a guestbook for special messages.  I have added a photo of one that was sent out to a little person this week below.

I soon will be adding some new goodies....One which I have already blogged about thanks to a special business. Fascinator Clips. Gorgeous stunning very feminine slips layered with feathers, ribbons and bling. Add them to your beanie, wear it as a brooch, or top them to your outfit for a special occasion to finish off your hair piece with. These are not yet available but will be available soon.

Something new for the little children of our lives are Tooth Fairy Dolls. Boy & Girl Theme. Hand knitted little dolls to add love and excitement to little hearts. I wont be saying too much but add yourself to my blog cause once they are done I will be adding them there as a full feature to explain how they work.

I have been trying to keep the blog updated as much as possible cause I now have 44 followers over there which I am thrilled you love to read the news and behind scenes information about OB and myself. We all know on facebook there has been some major changes for businesses who have relied on this free option of running competitions on there. I am thankful for my blog and also my newsletters to keep little surprises happening for you. All competitions or sales will be blogged /& added into my newsletters. So to avoid missing out please make sure you are a follower of such. But thank you for being a supporter not only here via the newsletters but also via the blog and facebook.

I thought I would share my Stats with you. I find them quite amazing:

Twitter followers: 378
Facebook Fans: 1144
Newsletter Subscribers: 29
Blog Followers: 44

Huge thank-you !! This past year has been just overwhelming with how much Overall Being has grown and spread.

Winter Warmer Recipe
I thought with winter time I would include this time round something to help for those who suffer from the Winter Blues.

Blend Grapefruit with Lavender and use in a spray bottle to calm and uplift. Grapefruit is uplifting, an antidepressant, good for anxiety.

Quote for the Moment

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."~ Henry Ward Beecher

Little Bit of This & Abit of That

Some people email me constantly asking if I do layby or gift certificates....the answer is YES ABSOLUTELY! I literally can hear the sigh of relief sometimes.

Layby works very casually worked out between you and I. Everyone has different things on in their life so I feel each person's Layby needs to be customised to you, so it works.

Gift Certificates are available. All can be used in any monetary value. I can even send them out to your special person as a gift wrapped surprise or emailed.

Newsletter Promo

The most exciting part to any newsletter is finding something of highlight dont you think? Well to all my fantabulous subscribers.....any order placed over $50 will recieve a special mystery gift added into your order to the value of $10 for the duration of May and June.  Be sure when ordering to let me know you are a subscriber and would love your mystery prize :) and I will do the rest!


I am proud to have Bodelicious part of my newsletter. Amanda is such an inspirational gorgeous lady that I have been very fortunate in getting to know. Below I hope gives you a further insight into this amazing business and person. You can find Amanda via the following links:

My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Bodelicious Bath & Body Products, a privately owned and run micro-business located in Ipswich. We supply individual consumers as well as retailers all around Australia.

Bodelicious products are made with the finest butters, oils, scents and other specialty ingredients which are manufactured by hand into products that help you relax your body, renew your soul and rejuvenate your senses.

In today’s times we like to think that we are starting to take more care of our bodies by watching what we eat and exercising. While this is good, we also need to be more conscious of what we use on our bodies as well.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It weighs between 3 and a half to 4 and a half kilos and covers an area of about 20 square feet for the average person. It’s also one of the body’s largest workhorses as it helps to regulate the body’s temperature, it absorbs environmental elements, it secretes wastes and it sends tactile messages to our brain, allowing us to enjoy the important sensation of being touched. These things make it important for us to look after our skin as we only get one ‘suit’.

During winter, dry skin is a problem each of us must address, regardless of skin type. The natural environment drops in humidity and exposes the skin, particularly the hands and face, to dry winds and icy temperatures. To keep ourselves warm, we spend a great deal of this season buried under heavy layers of warm clothing and living in centrally heated spaces. This means that our skin is no longer producing the oils that help the skin retain the moisture it needs in the lower dermis, and this is what causes dry, flaky skin, which builds up and prevents our skin from absorbing the external moisture it needs. To prevent this from occurring it’s important to keep our skin free of dead skin build up with the weekly use of an exfoliating scrub.

As a special for the beginning of winter we are offering all our friends 20% off any of our exfoliating scrubs so that they can keep their skin in great condition during the cold season.

With the weather cooling now you will find that your skin needs a bit of extra care and protection to keep it looking and feeling nice.

We have a new range of lotions and creams that will soon be released to help combat the dryness caused by the wind and cool weather, as well as some luxurious bath and body oils to give yourself a quick pamper with when you need it after a hard day at work.

One of my favourite products for the cooler weather is a foaming milk bath. I love the way these bubble and release a cloud of wonderful aroma into my bathroom and how the bubbles help me to have a fun relaxing soak in the warm water. The lactic acid in the milk helps remove dead skin and expose new softer skin which makes me feel silky soft.

Another item I can’t do without in winter is my lip balm. The cold weather and the winds really dry out the fine skin of my lips, so this is a must have product for winter to keep my lips from cracking and the corners of my mouth from getting sore.

Certified Organic Shea Butter  is also an important product to keep on hand in winter. It will help to heal and protect skin from the cold conditions of winter and it can be used all over your body from your hair to your heels. You can even put a few bits into your bath water for an extra treat!

Well until we meet again via the wonderful world of email.....stay warm and enjoy every moment of waking. Life is truly a remarkable gift and should be enjoyed with love, smiles and laughter.

Warmest Regards,

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