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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LR Beauty & Health comes to Overall Being

I am here this morning to bring FANTASTIC news to everyone who loves to shop with Overall Being. I am a a very proud LR Beauty & Health Consultant.

Most information has been uploaded to it's very own page via my website.

But I felt I would blog about this product to give you a further indepth view on LR Beauty & Heath Systems. You can also email me for any further information too. Or if you feel this would be great for you to use or even join up as a consultant always contact me.

About LR
Feel good. Look great.
Since the founding of LR 25 years ago, our name stands for wellbeing and beauty in already over 30 countries worldwide. Year after year we record an increase in turnover, which is largely due to the great success stories of approx. 300,000 independent LR Consultants.

"We at LR have developed a healty and beauty system that makes people feel good and look great. Anyone can use or even sell LR products: with our sales system it is easy to start and anyone can be successful"
Dr. Jens M. Abend, CEO LR Health and Beauty Systems   

LR Health and Beauty Systems  - Since 1985

- All Products Made in Germany by LR Health & Beauty Systems at the logistics centre - Ahlen Germany
- Since 1985 in more than 30 Countries around Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Philippines
- LR  has its own Aloe Vera Plantations where the Aloe Vera is organically grown
- Strictly Certified Products for your comfort and peace of mind such as:
- No animal testing is carried out for any of LR's products
- Child Labor is non-existent with LR
- LR has a High Respect for our Environment
- LR's products are produced with the Highest Quality Ingredients
The vision of LR
LR is to be recognized as a professional partner for their high quality and attractive prices for Health & Beauty Products, with a Marketing plan which supports and makes the personal success very achievable.

The LR Mission – We keep our promises
We promise that you can live a better life with LR. This means for our Customers, they can feel and look better by using our Products. For our Consultants it means, that we supply the support for those who want to work with us and we offer a chance for change.

What is available as a quick snapshot:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Health and Wellness
  • Skin Care
  • MicroSilver
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Hair Loss
  • Cosmetics/Make-up
  • Baby Care
  • Animal Care
  • Fragrances for Her
  • Fragrances for Him
  • Weight Loss
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Join LR
 So as you can see LR Beauty & Health is an overall benefit for anyone. Perfect if you are a Mum at home or someone who is looking at having something "extra" in their life aswell. So its not only a Health & Beauty help but can be a career.

 To visit LR Beauty & Health System via my website please visit the link below.

Feel Good Look Good

So don't delay contact me today .......LR Beauty & Health might be THE answer you have been waiting for.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday though.

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