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Overall Being
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Competition.....shhhhh....Do tell

As promised......A competition to warm your soul up.

I am overwhelmed with the love and support that you are giving me. Each day I think now what can I give my followers? What can I indulged and share with them what I know? I often wonder if you are enjoying it.....so please let me know, I have many options here on this blog or facebook tabs or even on my website to let me know your thoughts of Overall Being.

So my way I thought of saying Let's warm up Overall Being was do a random major competition.

We are now sitting on with last count 1180 fans on Facebook.....49 blog followers.....and 300 odd followers via twitter. I try to add extra tips and hints to make things not so boring but also try to update you along the way with what I feel you might want to know about. I dont email out newsletters too much cause I know spam is annoying :)

So what is the prize and how do I win it, I can hear?

When I see facebook fan page hit over 2000 fans and 10 more newsletter subscribers.....I will do a gift box prize with random mystery chosen gifts (according the male, female etc) to a random.org chosen person.

The last prize box I sent out was valued to over $200......so don't worry I dont skint on prizes. I use some Overall Being and some grocery brought items.

Now because facebook has cracked down on competitions and "fans" sharing about competitions we all will need to be very particular about we share OB......Some ideas I thought of are:

  • Find your favourite one or 10 favourite photos in my album click share.
  • Use the good ole Invite friends
  • Use facebook button on my website and click Like (it shows up on your homepage)
  • Or any creative other device or thought.....even tagging....I dont mind if you want to tag Overall Being in your status....creating a creative story using Overall Being in it.....gets everyone excited and enthralled with who is OB!
Now there won't be a deadline......so if this takes 1 week, 3mths, or even a yr......well let's hope it doesnt take that long cause I would love to send this prize out before end of winter.....the competition will still stand.

So happy Overall Being sharing and let's all embrace the love & joy life can bring us!


kbelford69 said...

FB follower - I just fell in love with the Inspired bracelets , these are amazing.
So gorgeous.

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thank you! Yes they are pretty special.

louisaward said...

i like newsletters, how do i sign up. i dont think i have received one of your newsletters before. f

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Hi Louise,

If you venture over to my website there is a sign up area located on the homepage...But also on my facebook fan page.


robyn said...


i am going to sign up for the newsletter - so sorry you don't get them done regularly - you are just inspiring.

the one thing i would love to know, how do you set up your signature on blogspot. i tried but it isn't coming out on every post.

fb fan, ning member. just privledged to be part of your group.


Lisa Kavenagh said...

Oh Robyn what a gorgeous message to arrive home too from family holidays :) Thank you and if you want I can forward you my last newsletter if you like...just email me :)


With regards too my signature...I created it in Paintshop Pro....then I add it as a photo to each post.