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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Winter is here

Welcome and Hello to any new blog followers :)

I dont know about you but Melbourne sure has been a tad chilly this week. I am thankful I have my Minky Quillow to keep me warm whilst I sit here to type to you.

I have had a moment today thinking of how I can bring to you something new and unique as feel the things within Overall Being even though are all fabulous needs something more. Its so hard to bring unique items that isnt already readily available by others. But to have various products within one spot makes shopping online so much easier I think.

But I did!!

I just ordered a heap of Chalk Cloth......am going to make larger size or even table runners using Chalk cloth. Perfect to take with you and your children when out to dinner.....grab a box of chalk and play games (Tic Tac Toe), Draw a picture, or even hang it to use as a note taker in your kitchen.

I love to be able to offer personalised products cause that way you are getting something that is for you , made for your decore colourings and style but also versatile.....The Chalk Mat is a great thing . I have one here already and I love it! I roll it up and take it with me when away for a day for my little one to use.

So what do you think?? Great idea to add dont you think?! You can pre-order now if you like. Just let me know colours and will try do my best within the fabric chosen to border it. But they will be dependant on what style fabric you want to border them. ie floral , stripey, checkered, plain colour. But feel free in emailing me in the meantime

I am also thinking of knitting something that is cute.....useful for lil ones.....but wont say anything more just yet incase it doesnt work out.

But I do know something I can tell you about! Something that is coming soon to Overall Being will be feminine, soft and flowing feathers.......Emu Feathers at that! Dual items.....clips that you can use on a hand knitted beanie , remove them for a hair clip and also use them as a brooch. Also Fascinators .....yes gorgeous feminine feathered, sequined, ribboned Fascinators. Perfect for any occassion that requires you to stand out and to make an impression.

I am so thankful for Pretty Things Distract Me in helping to create these. Rebecca's creative side I love. To work alongside with someone who is like-minded like me is just so energetically amazing! So I cannot wait to show you these and be able to add them to my Website and Shop Now area on Facebook.

So I suppose you all are wondering when the next competition is coming? Well I do have something up my sleeve.....and trust me it will rock your rocking chairs everyone. So stay tuned. I will blog about it but also will send out a newsletter when its up and starting with all details.

Until next time when I sit for a moment......Hope you  are fabulous, safe and enjoying each day.

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Living Altogether said...

I cannot wait until the mats come out. I would love one for Indiana.