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Overall Being
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Friday, April 30, 2010


I always find looking at the beach side a way of calming my whole inner soul at times of uncertainty, confusion, stress and emotional phases. This week has been one of those times, unfortunately for alot of reasons.

So today whilst my lil man sleeps I have thought so many people who own very well established businesses have supported me through so much, helped me grow as a business but as a person and moreso shared my business with their own clients. To me that is so touching. So a meer Thank you is not enough from me. If you belong to my facebook fan page you will know about my new update I just posted.

It will be my way of saying Thank You to those businesses who have touched my soul and inner being. But also if I see another business who works from home and needs a tender hand in help I will help them too. I think to give unconditional support makes the world such better place to be in.

So every so often I will add a blog on a particular business, highlighting them, celebrating their achievements and sharing any news they have to share. I hope you all can go and help share their love around the web as well.

So whats on this weekend everyone? This weekend starts what we call in this house "Beaver Season".....racing around like a beaver hunting and collecting nuts before any other beaver gets them.

We have four boys.....but 3 of them will be playing tennis on Saturday which means 3 different games at 3 different locations......so our Saturday wont end until approximately 130pm.....Sunday we have the same. So our weekends will be taken up giving all our love and taxi-ing to our 3 amazing sport players :) Up until mid August really.

Anyways until then.....Happy Weekend ahead and thank you for being such a gorgeous blog follower

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