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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Competitions lately AND more :)

Lately I have run a few competitions to kind of add some fun into the OB world online. A way of saying thank you too to everyone who supports my business. I think giving something even if tiny back shows that there is someone real behind this screen.

I am yet to hear from two of them though.....hoping that they do contact me cause I would hate to redraw it.

I am though thinking about redoing my Treasure Hunt MSN competition again next Tuesday April 27th. But it all depends if I get enough interest. But what it entails is me giving the hunters something to go find and come back and give me link. Its a great way of sharing the love of other businesses information out there and also fun for all.

Oh fabulous whilst writing this I heard from one of my competition winners .....YAY....This below is being sent out to her.

I personally love this. It shows all the stages of life.

Now for anyone who is wanting too say thank-you to someone special have you thought of nominating them into Family Capers Hero Award? Family Capers run this every month so you can literally nominate someone each month if you want too. Its such a beautiful way of showing someone how much you appreciate what they do. It could also be a business or a charity. Go to their website and do it now....cause I think its so important and I am sure you would too.

Anyway I just thought I would update this and add this so you who follow my blog here know what has been happening off the blog.

oh before I go I won a competition yesterday. Which I am so excited about. I receive one month free of entire website advertising with Baby Bidz.....how cool is that!? Pretty fantastic prize. My gorgeous banner that Ink Pink Designs created for me is shown on Baby Bidz site....go have a look and tell me what you think? I love having feedback :)

Anyway will let you go....I promise to not babble anymore. I do have a little one down for a nap so I might use this quiet time to clean up around the house...I know borrrinnnggg.

Until next time....take care and thank you in following my blog.


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