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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changes to Competitions

Good Morning :)) Thought I would put the zoobies up today to start today off. Arent they cute! Well Overall Being stocks these as of last year and they have been  a hit with everyone :)

Now with facebook changing how we can utilize and be abit creative with competitions I can no longer do random draws on there.....as I cannot see all the lovely fans loving and supporting OB....BUT on here my blog i can :))

So from now on I will be running ALL competitions via here. So everyone who is following my blog will always be in the random draws that occur.

So feel free in sharing this blog with anyone. If you have any ideas on how I can make OB more appealing please always drop me an email  lisa@overallbeing.com.au

Have a fabulous day everyone!


mummy2jj said...

those zoobies look awesome!

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thank you Mummy2jj....they are the sweetest things....You can view all the others via my website too www.overallbeing.com.au

ChallenCharms said...

Yes it's a big annoying not being able to run competitions on facebook. I find I get a lot more advertising that way. I have a current competition on my blog, which ends tomorrow.

Lisa Kavenagh said...

I know it can be. I have seen your blog its fabulous and I also have entered :) Also added you to my twitter aswell :)