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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Overall Being & Living Altogether Treasure MSN Hunt

Treasure Hunt Friday March 19th 2-3Pm.
MSN Messenger.

Join in this Friday with Overall Being & Living Altogether via MSN Messenger Chat to score yourself a prize pack valued at $60.


Add the following email addresses to your hotmail MSN Messenger , Join in between 2-3pm, send us a message saying you are here for Treasure Hunt and we will add you to our one chat box where you will find out further instructions:

* lisa@overallbeing.com.au
* livingaltogether@hotmail.com


Friday via our MSN chat we will give you certain tasks to go and hunt via particular websites. Once you find what we have asked for you come back to our chat box and post the link. Every LINK that is correct earns you 5 points.

There will be 10 websites to treasure hunt through. So 10 product links to find :)

ie: find us a crystal bracelet via Overall Being :) you then go off to my website find where I have listed a Crystal Bracelet grab the link, come back to MSN Chat Box post the link...if it is right you earn 5 points.


All we ask is that you post on your wall a link to our websites & invite friends to our Fanpages if you belong to it. You can find various posts made on our business walls where you can click to share and add to your own wall, recommending others to our business.


The prize consists of

* One pair of earrings~ Living Altogether (L'il Attitudes)
* A Necklace~ Overall Being
* A Name Meaning Certificate~ MyCreations ByAmanda
* Mystery Gift.~ Overall Being

All this will be posted out to you via the mail. Once received come back to the businesses who have donated and leave a review on their page.

So fairly simple and fun way of getting a prize.

See you Friday 2-3pm everyone :))

Lisa Kavenagh
Overall Being

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