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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Chocolatey Easter and Living Altogether Competition

This blog today is about a competition run on Living Altogether. Plus also a Easter message from me.

Recently I was lucky enough to have won the Family Capers Hero Award for March. Being up against two other amazing women I felt quite humbled. With this I won a prize generously donated by Ink Pink Design. 

Because I felt so humbled enough to have been nominated and voted for during this time I have decided to donate my prize to a competition run on Living Altogether. Living Altogether is yes still being established but it has grown from a seed in the ground to a bud and will keep on blooming as it goes along.

This competition will be drawn March 31st....just in time for Easter. Ink Pink Design has some beautiful and creative selections for everyone. So giving this gift voucher for me will bring some extra love from Living Altogether to you and your family for 2010 Easter.

About Competition:

The first person to have completed all spots below will win:

(A)   Do a shout out about Living Altogether's business on facebook tagging them in the shout out.
(B)  Get one of your children too colour in a Easter Picture , email this to livingaltogether@hotmail.com (either scanned or take a photo of it) (Only ages under 8yrs old cause we all know how great colouring people the older they get J )
(C)  Tell them 5 people who you have referred onto their fan page ( so they can check their fan page member list)

Then email  livingaltogether@hotmail.com with all above. First in wins a $50 Gift Voucher by Ink Pink Designs compliments from Family Capers.

A little about Family Capers and Ink Pink Design.
Family Capers is YOUR Family resource. They are a supportive Family Community providing a resource to Families no matter what stage in life your Family is at.
Family Capers is all about getting the most from Family life and being there to support the Families in our community!
Lisa is a professional Support Advisor in there offering free advise on Alternative Health.
What you can see and do at Family Capers:
Find that prefect job or staff member in The Employment Hub
Add your Business to Our Business Directory
Support Families in Business in the Department Store
Read Articles in the FC Mag
Chat to the Family Capers Community and Our Talented Professional Support Panel in the Forum
Find things for the Kids to do in
Join the Family Capers VIP Club and get the Royal Treatment
Browse or Add  Events in Your Area in Our Calendar
Most of all have fun relax and enjoy the site with your Family as we bring you even more in 2010!
So drop over now and join in. read the articles, support other wah businesses,, meet new friends, but most off all know you are within a boundary of secure, loving and professional members & admin. Every Month Family Capers run a Hero Award so if you know someone who has made such a loving impact on yourself why not highlight them and vote them. All you have to do is email Family Capers, give a reason why you are nominating and the persons name

Custom Photo Invitations, Birth Announcements, Thank You Cards & Wedding Stationery. If you have an important announcement to make or send out why not use Ink Pink Design to create you something beautiful in a way of a Birth Announcement Card, Thank you Card in a style that is all designed by Ink Pink.

Photo greeting cards by Ink Pink Design for all occasions:

Photo Baby Shower Invitations ~ Baby Birth Announcements ~ Baby Thank You Cards ~ Twin Announcements ~ Baptism Invitations ~ Christening Invitations ~ Naming Day Invitations ~ Baby Birthday Invitations ~ Kids Birthday Invitations ~ Teen & Adult Birthday Invitations ~ Party Invitations ~ Thank You Cards ~ Save the Date Cards ~ Engagement Invitations ~ Wedding Invitations ~ Wedding Announcement Cards ~ Wedding Thank You Cards ~ Graduation Cards ~ Moving Cards~ Photo Christmas Cards ~ Holiday Greeting Cards or any other photo card you can think of!

No Matter what the occasion, Ink Pink Design is sure to have something that you will love, and if they dont, you can always custom design a photo greeting card or photo invitation especially for you.

Both businesses are found on facebook.

Why am I donating my own prize. I did have someone ask me this yesterday. Maybe too some it might seem as ungrateful. But after quite abit of time browsing Ink Pink Design I realised I didnt really have a major event to utilise such a beautiful product for. I didnt want to leave the prize sit here being wasted, so why not allow someone else to take advantage of it and having abit of fun in the process.
I would like to thank Linda from Family Capers in making the Hero Awards each month available to anyone who needs to honour those who make an impact in their lives. To be so open to the public about things that can be quite person can be rather amazing to others looking on.
Each month Family Capers run a new Hero Award so if there is anyone you know who has made such an impact in your heart why not head over to Family Capers and nominate them today. All you have to do is quite easy....Email Family Capers with your nomination name and reason why you are nominating them. Family Capers do the rest.
I now have one boy off on school holidays and after today will have all four boys on holidays. With Easter such a special occasion in our house.....my birthday, my littliest sons birthday and easter. I wont be online as much.
But I send enormous yummy chocolate wishes to everyone for this season. Have a safe and fun holiday. Those who are travelling, travel safe!
Until I blog again ciao :)
Warm Regards


robyn said...

hun you are a wonderful lady. more of you needed in this world.

sorry to read you are leaving fb/having problems with a person. you don't deserve that.

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thank you so much Robyn *hugs* I hope you are entering this competition :))