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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

COMPETITION WINNER IS................................

Congratulations to

Sharna Booth Weinrowski you are the lucky winner of my latest Play Cupid for a Day Competition. I will email you soon with your $30 gift voucher to spend on whatever you want that is listed on my website.

Sharna Booth Weinrowski's entry was chosen out of four entries by my son Nicholas who is 11years old. I copied all entries leaving off names for him to choose. Listed (A), (B), (C) & (D).....and he chose option D which was Sharna's :)

Her entry is below along with the photo she submitted for the competition.
If i was cupid for a day i would have to dress myself in a adult size ratbag pettiskirt in fairy floss pink and white
with a goregous singlet with a diamonte bow around the top of the singlet....
I would have to put an arrow thru my hubby, we have been married for almost 4 years... and sometimes i feel like the dog gets treated like a king!


So tonight Sharna....tell that hubby of yours you are his queen and deserve to be absolutely pampered and spoilt this valentines day :)) 
Thank you also to all the other entries.....there was absolutely awesome entries and I dont envy Nick ...cause I was sitting here thinking who on earth do I choose.

I also want to extend a $10 voucher to the other entries in my way of saying thankyou :)) So if you can email me I will send you through a code :))

Happy Valentines Day to everyone this year :) May Cupid throw a love blessings arrow through you 

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TEEs Me, Please! said...

congrats Sharna :) .... enjoy spoiling yourself with your delights from overall being :)

wow! a voucher for me too ??? sounds devine Lisa :) I'll be sending you an email soon :)