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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010...An inside scoop of Overall Being


Overall Being in 2010 will be the business that you will want to have bookmarked for all promotional , corporate help, personal gifts and gift giving services.
I have already announced on my facebook fan page that I now offer ALL personalised promotional or corporate merchandise. See above picture as an example of SOME of what is available. Nothing is too small for Overall Being. I can certainly vouch that i have last year successfully created merchandise for an author for her new book through pendants, blanket, etc etc with which she has received and was extremely happy with. So rest assured that when you order anything from Overall Being 110% is put into it.

Being a mother at home working around 4 darlings can certainly be a wicked time in itself, but knowing when i do shopping i expect the best treatment that there is I put this into my own business. 

So this year here below is some things that is already up my sleeve and will be available by end of June.

*E-Book's yes not one but a few.....all alternative and quick tips.(Have already written one just need to edit it ready for sale)
* personalise your items....add your own photo or use my logo onto products (already available)
* Gift Mystery packs (choose between dollar values and receive a mystery gift pack)

So as you can see nothing is boring when in Overall Being world. 

Now alot of people dont realise some of the things that I do offer and sell. So below is point form to make it slightly easier.

*Aromatherapy products (candles, blends, oils, soaps, creams etc)
* Digital Scrap services (send me photos for me to create pages for you. Bind them into albums also available)
* Massage treatments (Reiki Master, Muscular Skeletal Therapist, Trigger point therapy, Kundalini, crystal & chakra therapist, aromatherapist, Seichem, health Kiniesologist, Numeroligist)
* Blankets, Cushions, Quillows, Mats (made from minky, satin or cotton you choose)
* Free Trade Products
* Zoobies
* Jewellery
* Reiki Healing 
* Masage Parties
* Gaia Stockist
* Numerology Reports
* Gift Certificates
* Weddings, Baby Shower, special function custom made products (ie Wine Charms, table decorations, invites, thank you cards, etc)
* Offer layby, PayPal, or direct deposits as payments
* Can offer Samples (Cost is involved, sorry no more free samples only at competition time)
* Personalised customised products
* Gift baskets (espec created for what you want)
* Fundraising for your school etc

So as you can I do offer quite a variety of products. WHY? cause its nice to have one spot to know when purchasing online

A snapshot of photos is listed below....this also shows you what my digital scrapbooking style is all about. I do try too create with you in mind though.

Aromatherapy products and Gaia Stockist.
Blankets and linen products all tailored to you own colour and style
Bracelets all created with a unique touch to them

I am always available throughh email. So always know you can email me with anything.

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