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Overall Being
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Monday, December 28, 2009

What's New & What's Coming!!!

whats available Pictures, Images and Photos

 What is HOT and NEW........Well we have Handmade Rings......see below for an example or visit my facebook fan page to see the whole range.

I am proud to announce I do now Numerology Readings....to order one please email me.

Also Wine Charms...Never forget which glass is yours! If there is specific colours and theme you would like that is absolutely fine....just email through your desires and I am can custom create something unique to you. To see an example see the fan page on facebook.

coming soon Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought I would give you an insight on what is coming soon for Overall Being.

2010 will be the year of some utterly devine products for you.

Handmade hand fired beaded rings.......Home decor wall art.........birthday club........so please feel free in sharing this blog or join my face book fan club to be in the know first.

The handmade rings have already been shared on the fan page, so take a look....they are pretty stunning if I do say so myself :) But have uploaded a photo of them here for you to see for yourself, but its one....there is sooo many i have added to the fan page!

The Home Decor I am working with Rebecca to create some very gorgeous stunning pieces never seen anywhere else......

The Birthday Club......is where you email me your important dates coming up.....a month prior I contact you....find out what you would like to organise for that someone special then we go from there. A special gift wrapped gift is sent on your behalf to them

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I hope everyone has had a gorgeous day celebrating Christmas 2009 with family and friends. Blessings sent to those who had a day by themselves without. 

What a day! Such a leadup to the event and its gone in a blink! Why is that so?! It should last forever sometimes....We woke at home to open pressies, loads of photos and video shots. Breaky and dressed then jumped into car to travel off to Ballarat. This year we celebrated it with my husbands family. 

Not alot of sleep cause our little one doesnt like sleeping anywhere else than his bed, nor do I to be honest, nothing better than your own bed. 

So by time we got home we all were a wee bit tired and ready to lay our heads down to sleep.

The last two days my husband and my eldest son have been travelling up to Qld in my car (very weird to have no car) well there is one in garage but without a car seat. Wednesday we fly up to be with them and travel on to visit friends at Maroochydore then the next day we travel onto Bundaberg.....My old home town!

I havent seen my family (Grandparents, Sisters, Cousins, Auntie and Uncle and close friends) in 3 years. So I cannot wait for the time when I can give them a hug for real. They certainly are in for a shock since they last saw my boys. They will get to meet our new little man for the first time as well. We fly home on the 11th so I will be away from Dec 30th through to the Jan 11th.

So it will be an occassion!

Anyways am wishing you all that come past to visit my Overall Being behind the scenes blog a Blessed New Year and holiday season.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am SHOWCASED on WAHM Biz Success!!!

Good Morning Fellow Blog Followers!

I have just seen myself pop up on a fab site.....WAHM Biz Success blog is dedicated to providing genuine and legitimate ideas, tips, advice and success information to WAHMs of all levels.
The main aim of this blog is to help those who are in the stages of just thinking about working at home, those who are already working at home but still in the beginning stages and also to those with an already solid grounding in the work at home arena.
The WAHM Biz Success blog will be continually updated with new articles and information on a regular basis, to keep our content fresh and in standing with the current trends of the WAHM industry.

To read alittle more about me click on the following link: