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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am SHOWCASED on WAHM Biz Success!!!

Good Morning Fellow Blog Followers!

I have just seen myself pop up on a fab site.....WAHM Biz Success blog is dedicated to providing genuine and legitimate ideas, tips, advice and success information to WAHMs of all levels.
The main aim of this blog is to help those who are in the stages of just thinking about working at home, those who are already working at home but still in the beginning stages and also to those with an already solid grounding in the work at home arena.
The WAHM Biz Success blog will be continually updated with new articles and information on a regular basis, to keep our content fresh and in standing with the current trends of the WAHM industry.

To read alittle more about me click on the following link:



Amanda said...

I love your advice you gave in the showcase....

"Think positive! Have a dream and always believe in yourself. Treat each client as if they are your first and last."

Especially the last part!!!! I find great customer service is very far and few between these days unfortunately :(

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thanks Amanda :)

I know its sad how businesses cant take a moment in their day to treat others with respect and some kindness.

robyn said...

well done with this achievement.

Lisa Kavenagh said...

Thank you Robyn :) I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. Jenni does an amazing job running this business. So to be part of that in some way showcased on there was a huge privledge