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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Capers and Overall Being association with such News

Wow what a whirldwind couple of weeks I have had here inside Overall Being

I am so blessed to have had such a gorgeous person recommend me to Family Capers. A fabulous new website coming soon in November 2009.

I have been asked to be their professional support advisor for Reiki, Crystal Therapies and Chakras on their forum. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity! Not only do I get to offer what I know, but work along side some other fabulous professionals in the market.

To know more about Family Capers read this cause its so exciting!

Early November www.familycapers.com.au will be launching! 

Share the news and excitement with Family and Friends as they create a Unique Family Community with resources and activities for the family.

What is Family Capers? – It is a place for Everything Family
·         Family Friendly Jobs and career advice
o   Mums
o   Dads
o   Teens
o   Starting out
·         Family Directory
o   Search for what you want in your area
·         Kids Zone
o   Ad free forum just for kids
o   Activities
·         Family Chat for all the older members of the family
o   Ad free
o   With a professional support panel for all areas of family life
o   Special Area for the men “The Shed”
o   And “The Salon” for the girls
·         A place to get a quote
o   Same time ask our people
·         A Family Friendly store that allows you to buy from multiple businesses in the one place
o   Small business
o   Charities an more

We have special offers in place for our Facebook fans and newsletter subscribers as we go live so get on board and subscribe at www.familycapers.com.au  or go to our Facebook Page on the site!

To Find out more about any of the sections on Family Capers and how you can be involved just email info@familycapers.com.au

So join up to avoid missing out on all the exciting news from Family Capers.

I have been very busy writing articles to go along with what I am helping with. You will be able to read these once their website is up and running.

Warm Blessings,
Lisa xo

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