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Friday, August 21, 2009

Overall Being's First Minky Play Rug

Oh what a delish little treasure this has turned out to be.......Someone recently described our blankets as "liquid gold"......have never even thought them as that but oh yes what a great description.

Imgaine your little one lying on a bed of liquid gold all warm and snug playing with this.......

The one side is the most softest and lushious side of pink....with little triangles of more minky with ribbons for play and stimulation of the mind....the ribbons can then be used to attach your other toys too when in the pram or cot.

The other side is a contrasting of dots....pinks, browns and chocolates......perfect if you just want to use the other side as their blanket in bed.....

This Girls Play Rug is available for a quick sale today.....email me for further information