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Overall Being
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Auric Healing Colour Wheel

Gaze into the center of the Auric Healing Colour Wheel above on the screen; or
If you prefer, print it out as it is a better bet for the visualization due to the glaring effects of the screen.

Stand 4 – 7 feet away or whichever you feel comfortable with.

Soon the pattern will begin to move and reflect with your auric colors.

Your auric color(s) may change due to many effects, including healing, negative situations, emotional states, and as we progress on our life path, we may progress through events and develop a new state of being.

This is good as a Concentration exercise or meditation as well.

This chart will explain about your colour that you see......

Have Fun! Mine today I got green....lets see what I get tomorrow ....

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