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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Auric Healing Colour Wheel

Gaze into the center of the Auric Healing Colour Wheel above on the screen; or
If you prefer, print it out as it is a better bet for the visualization due to the glaring effects of the screen.

Stand 4 – 7 feet away or whichever you feel comfortable with.

Soon the pattern will begin to move and reflect with your auric colors.

Your auric color(s) may change due to many effects, including healing, negative situations, emotional states, and as we progress on our life path, we may progress through events and develop a new state of being.

This is good as a Concentration exercise or meditation as well.

This chart will explain about your colour that you see......

Have Fun! Mine today I got green....lets see what I get tomorrow ....


What a day! Filled with utter excitment at all levels.

Most of all a day that is filled with so much gratitude to Michelle for believing in my business enough to share it with all her followers!! My soul was so touched to see where she had posted about my website and me.

Here is a copy of what I have already published on my website.....To view the whole section you can view the interview on Michelles blog and website.

Overall Being one of the first featured businesses on The House of Vinter!!!

Overall Being is so very excited when asked if we would like to be featured on the above areas......please follow the links shown in the blurb below or by clicking any of the banners above.
Michelle is a mother of 9, and has been a freelance writer for a number of years. She is currently writing for the online magazine Connect2Mums as well as for her own forum Celebrating Women and Business Women Unite where she was named a top article writer for the week of June 30, 2009. She also runs 2 Little Hands 2 Little Feet and her other fabulous spot The House of Vinter.
To view anything from Michelle's site's please click on the above name's/banner's which will take you direct to her pages.
I would like to extend a massive thankyou and show of gratitude for the support that Michelle has give me in such a short span of knowing her. She is an inspiration to everyone!
Here is a snippet of what is posted on her The House of Vinter about Overall Being and Lisa Kavenagh (Me :) ) Or if you wanted to read about it click the the website link "The House of Vinter"
1. How long have you been operating Overall Being in Victoria? It’s a great name for a business.

Overall Being has been operating in Victoria since 2003.

2. What was your inspiration for your business name and logo?

I wanted something that tied everything up that I have the love for. I love aromatherapy and fine gifts. Because I am also a qualified therapist I needed something that would flow with my qualifications aswell. My Logo symbolises purity and wholeness. The flower in there is the Lotus. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck. This is mind I believe is me.

3. Do you operate your business from home or do you have a shop front?

I operate from home and believe it or not on my kitchen table, downstairs in a nook desk and loungeroom :) So I take over the house really, much to the annoyance to my darling husband. I would absolutely love to have a shop. Filled with aromatherapy, Minky blankets, warm brewed coffee and hot chocolate and the comfort of a couch for visitors to sit and take a moment whilst shopping.

4. How do you choose your stock?

I choose organic or natural first of all. Then comes quickness of delivery. I tend to try buy Australian made raw materials but sometimes there are moments that I do have to go over to USA. I also support other work at home businesses. I believe without the strength of the working at home range our industry would lack the love that these businesses have in them.

5. What are your best sellers?

My best sellers are Minky Blankets, then aromatherapy but my new Scrabble Tiled Pendants are looking like they may throw all that out.
I have deliberately left off the other answers and questions to enable you to visit Michelles site to view and read more :))) Look forward to hearing your feedback.
Everything that Michelle has gone through truly shows what a remarkable soul person she is. Filled with such love and devotion and purity.

Please support :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whoa nelly!!!

Didnt someone say you should be able to pull on the stirrups and raines to stop things.....well I cant find them this week....so many things and so little time....but i suppose if I stop for a moment to breathe I realise that these things can be stopped and can wait.

I just hate knowing that things are hovering over my head and little things that I want done "yesterday" is still there.....

Still fighting off those demons that lurk amongst the midst of the unknown....doesnt help when those friends who say they will be there for you never are,.....

why do people say they will help you and be there for you never show up!? I dont know why people would waste the air that they breathe to do those things.

oh life....

well my eldest son turns 13 this friday....how many circles i have turned over the past 13years.....how many differing things that have happened in that time aswell....

* getting married
* moving to a new state
* loosing my mother
* having three more children


To sit and ponder that is quite daunting really.

Have just spent the last week or so revamping my website....which I am quite pleased with the result....even if I am not anywhere webmastery (love my made up words lol) qualified! Added new info,....a new logo (which will detail that soon about the fabulous Leisa)..........and new products.

Ok breathe moment.....

hmmmm can smell my marinated chicken in the oven in that moment.....house smells so yummy

Ok where was I....oh yes.....

Finally all finished.....even managed to fit in making gift vouchers and fundraising info aswell which what I wanted to do weeks ago.

Anyways that is an update...a very quick one at that for my thoughts....

Now onto next blog entry...........

Scrabble Tile Pendants!!!!!!!!