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Overall Being
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh I cant wait to create using this fabric. Why does it have to take so long to get here hehe wish I could snap my fingers and its here. I just couldnt decide on which patchwork blanket to make first so thought why not ! I will do all three.

That way I can offer it off as competition prize.

What another busy month.....Exciting though nevertheless teaming up with Caddie at Millaruby Designs. My Blankets and Caddies Beanies will be a sure hit as gifts for any little one.

My eldest sons shoulder is on the mend....football has alot to answer for I recon but how can a parent say no to the love of sport for their child...*shrugs*

My second born Nicholas is off to swim four events at MSAC this saturday...oh cant wait...he was abit nervous to be honest as couldnt master the turns under water....He sure didnt look like he was struggling with it this week at squad training!

Lots of networking I have done this week.....love helping other wahm's. By giving back I believe it brings good energy to you.

My PR Marketing Agency is about to start up soon and I will be one of their first clients...so cannot wait to work with them. Kirsty is the best! With all her expertise in the parenting field I am hoping she can boost Overall Being out of the sky.

I do know though my overseas PR Agency who I used to give a Blanket too for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt absolutely loved my Blanket. So did Angelina! What a buzz! Now fingers crossed that I see them using it in a photo in a magazine :)

Well should be doing washing....am browsing past all that ironing I have sitting there...where is that fairy?! Holidaying probably in Greek Isles.

Anyways am off....can hear Jack calling me....he is probably found himself in his brothers room and terrorising everything in sight...........

Warm Blessings to all that read....

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