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Thursday, June 4, 2009

MillaRuby Designs and Overall Being joining winter forces...

I am so thrilled ....I have so much going on atm that is making me filled with so much excitement.

Caddie which I am calling CC cause I find her incredibly talented (Creative Caddie)! at MillaRuby Designs and myself are teaming up together to bring everyone such gorgeous and incredibly unique gifts.

Beanies and Blankets.....all made to suit everyones taste and love of snuggles. All our gifts will be tailored and matched to each order so they match perfectly. Imagine your little one snuggling with a Blanket and wearing a matching beanie....what a gorgeous creation is that :)

Not only with this exciting news I am now a proud sponsor of L'il Aussie Prems. Such a cause that needs to be helped. My heart just melts and my emotions rise when I think about this gorgeous little treasures having such a rough start to their life.

To this I have donated a Blanket for them to use in their next competition. I am so thrilled they loved my idea.
If there is anyway you can help L'il Aussie Prems then please do so.

Anyways that is what I had to share....such excitement!!

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