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Overall Being
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gee its been ages since I have blogged....time is so not on my side lately.

I have though finished and sent off Shiloh Jolie-Pitts blanket....oh it was so gorgeous wishes I could have kept it....*mental note: make one for myself* So awaiting back from marketing agency overseas with a copy of my press release and photos that were taken from their editor.

Gee just imagine....browsing through a magazine and seeing my Minky Blanket there with Shiloh....Angelina and Brads daughter!! My head spins each time I think about it.

Not too mention when I had just finished that I have been asked for samples to stock a dayspa....hmmmm that chinaman i ran over must be vanished now hehehe

Anyways here is a peak at the blanket I made for Shiloh just so you can keep an eye out....

What do you think?? I love it personally hehehe

Hmmm ok what else have I been up too.....apart from trying to keep this cold at bay and not taking strong hold of me.

Apart from doing these samples up and completing orders not alot really.

Oh oh I know have made a new quillow for my stock....its so useful really. It rolls up into a cushion then when unrolled walla!! a ready made blanket....all made in Minky on Minky....

Here is a pic of it....

and the cushion it folds up into....so snuggy so my boys have kind of stolen it...so might have to make some for our couch...

ok I think maybe I have rambled enough.....not sure what else to update about as still getting use to the world of Blogging....

Til next time....blessings to all.