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Monday, December 28, 2009

What's New & What's Coming!!!

whats available Pictures, Images and Photos

 What is HOT and NEW........Well we have Handmade Rings......see below for an example or visit my facebook fan page to see the whole range.

I am proud to announce I do now Numerology Readings....to order one please email me.

Also Wine Charms...Never forget which glass is yours! If there is specific colours and theme you would like that is absolutely fine....just email through your desires and I am can custom create something unique to you. To see an example see the fan page on facebook.

coming soon Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought I would give you an insight on what is coming soon for Overall Being.

2010 will be the year of some utterly devine products for you.

Handmade hand fired beaded rings.......Home decor wall art.........birthday club........so please feel free in sharing this blog or join my face book fan club to be in the know first.

The handmade rings have already been shared on the fan page, so take a look....they are pretty stunning if I do say so myself :) But have uploaded a photo of them here for you to see for yourself, but its one....there is sooo many i have added to the fan page!

The Home Decor I am working with Rebecca to create some very gorgeous stunning pieces never seen anywhere else......

The Birthday Club......is where you email me your important dates coming up.....a month prior I contact you....find out what you would like to organise for that someone special then we go from there. A special gift wrapped gift is sent on your behalf to them

cute quotes Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope everyone has had a gorgeous day celebrating Christmas 2009 with family and friends. Blessings sent to those who had a day by themselves without. 

What a day! Such a leadup to the event and its gone in a blink! Why is that so?! It should last forever sometimes....We woke at home to open pressies, loads of photos and video shots. Breaky and dressed then jumped into car to travel off to Ballarat. This year we celebrated it with my husbands family. 

Not alot of sleep cause our little one doesnt like sleeping anywhere else than his bed, nor do I to be honest, nothing better than your own bed. 

So by time we got home we all were a wee bit tired and ready to lay our heads down to sleep.

The last two days my husband and my eldest son have been travelling up to Qld in my car (very weird to have no car) well there is one in garage but without a car seat. Wednesday we fly up to be with them and travel on to visit friends at Maroochydore then the next day we travel onto Bundaberg.....My old home town!

I havent seen my family (Grandparents, Sisters, Cousins, Auntie and Uncle and close friends) in 3 years. So I cannot wait for the time when I can give them a hug for real. They certainly are in for a shock since they last saw my boys. They will get to meet our new little man for the first time as well. We fly home on the 11th so I will be away from Dec 30th through to the Jan 11th.

So it will be an occassion!

Anyways am wishing you all that come past to visit my Overall Being behind the scenes blog a Blessed New Year and holiday season.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am SHOWCASED on WAHM Biz Success!!!

Good Morning Fellow Blog Followers!

I have just seen myself pop up on a fab site.....WAHM Biz Success blog is dedicated to providing genuine and legitimate ideas, tips, advice and success information to WAHMs of all levels.
The main aim of this blog is to help those who are in the stages of just thinking about working at home, those who are already working at home but still in the beginning stages and also to those with an already solid grounding in the work at home arena.
The WAHM Biz Success blog will be continually updated with new articles and information on a regular basis, to keep our content fresh and in standing with the current trends of the WAHM industry.

To read alittle more about me click on the following link:


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Capers and Overall Being association with such News

Wow what a whirldwind couple of weeks I have had here inside Overall Being

I am so blessed to have had such a gorgeous person recommend me to Family Capers. A fabulous new website coming soon in November 2009.

I have been asked to be their professional support advisor for Reiki, Crystal Therapies and Chakras on their forum. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity! Not only do I get to offer what I know, but work along side some other fabulous professionals in the market.

To know more about Family Capers read this cause its so exciting!

Early November www.familycapers.com.au will be launching! 

Share the news and excitement with Family and Friends as they create a Unique Family Community with resources and activities for the family.

What is Family Capers? – It is a place for Everything Family
·         Family Friendly Jobs and career advice
o   Mums
o   Dads
o   Teens
o   Starting out
·         Family Directory
o   Search for what you want in your area
·         Kids Zone
o   Ad free forum just for kids
o   Activities
·         Family Chat for all the older members of the family
o   Ad free
o   With a professional support panel for all areas of family life
o   Special Area for the men “The Shed”
o   And “The Salon” for the girls
·         A place to get a quote
o   Same time ask our people
·         A Family Friendly store that allows you to buy from multiple businesses in the one place
o   Small business
o   Charities an more

We have special offers in place for our Facebook fans and newsletter subscribers as we go live so get on board and subscribe at www.familycapers.com.au  or go to our Facebook Page on the site!

To Find out more about any of the sections on Family Capers and how you can be involved just email info@familycapers.com.au

So join up to avoid missing out on all the exciting news from Family Capers.

I have been very busy writing articles to go along with what I am helping with. You will be able to read these once their website is up and running.

Warm Blessings,
Lisa xo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crystals ~ Overall Being way :)

Crystal are such a beautiful item that everyone should possess in their life. They bring such joy, love and support for the soul. I am blessed that I can add Reiki to each piece for you. Below is some Bracelets which have pure healing crystals on them. Reiki Blessings can be attuned to them at an additional cost. Please make sure you let me know at time of ordering.
There are Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Citrine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Mixed Crystal, Mookaite, Red Coral, Rose Quartz & Tigers Eye. These are listed as the photos sequence below, so you know which is which when ordering. If you are wanting further information on the benefits of each one this is included at time of ordering on an information sheet including benefits, how to cleanse and care for your bracelet.
One Bracelet $10
Two Bracelets and receive one for free : $18
Three Bracelets and receive one for free: $28
To Add Reiki to your Bracelet: $15 per order. 

To order please EMAIL ME


You can view more about this via my website so please take a moment to visit, whilst there why not browse the other delish pages there :)

All my warmest blessings,

Lisa xo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Vouchers been given

When asked by Kim if I would like to include some vouchers or something for her goodies bag I thought YES would absolutely love too.

Kim is from Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs.....a fabulous online store that sells many products from Pregnancy through to when you have your little one in your arms.

Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs is holding a stall this year at the Welcoming Babies Ceremony at Anzac Park on the strand in Townsville.....Sunday October 4th. Kim will have many products there on the day and her fabulous Baby Carriers to try before you buy.

I today am cutting up some more vouchers to send her to be included into her goodies bags......
So if you have nothing on and you live in the area......go along I recommend that this will be a great outing!

 Lisa xo

Christmas time in Overall Being

I had this wonderful thought.....this year for christmas.....Overall Being will be running a "major" competition up for grabs ........To know when this competition starts you will need to be part of our newsletter......more details will be posted inside there next month. The competition will start beginning of November and run for a month.

The prize will include items from many other work at home businesses.....so trust me THIS prize YOU will want to win!

Some of the items already donated are just amazing, and I am certain once this gets closer the basket will be stacked high with many goodies for you for Christmas Time. All businesses will be featured on our fan club, website AND blog......

So go join up now for Overall Being newsletter.

You can find the join up form on our homepage

Lisa xo

Overall Being Donates Vouchers to Help L'il Aussie Prems

When you think about children they always bring joy and love to your heart. Remember the first time you found out you were pregnant? I do and oh the joy that was felt will never leave me nor will the first moment when you see the very first ultrasound......but what would happen if at the time of birth your little one comes too early and they need medical assistance......that would break your heart.

Well Overall Being is a proud sponsor to L'il Aussie Prems.....a business that devotes its time in raising money and aid to families who have unfortunately had a baby/babies premmature.

Julia devotes so much time and effort into this business single handed around the family that she has at home. Absolutely remarkable.

L'il Aussie Prems has now a Premmie Bag.....which Julia sends out of her own back and funding to families that require that little bit more help.

Overall Being has just done up 40+ Gift Vouchers to be included in these. I am so humbled to be able to help and give a little bit back in helping these families and to possibly lighten the load whilst their little angels get stronger!

If there is something that you would like to give this year......go to L'il Aussie Prems and donate to sponsor a Premmie Bag....they dont cost much. Every little cent helps.

I wanted when creating this voucher in mind try to make it more personal cause of where it was going too. I am so happy with how it turned out! Now all I need to do is cut them out and post them off!

Lisa xo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New products

Hi all,

I have just loaded some new products on to the left panel of our blog. 
The Breast Cancer bracelet and necklace are in red and pink tones.  I have made 2 of the necklaces and only one of the bracelet.
I can sell as a set or individually.

I have also now have rings.  You can have any type of bead  on them.
Once again...you can personalise it to suit your tastes.
My example is with a glass bead.

If you would like anymore information, please email me

or please go and have a look at

Hope your all having a great day.  Poor Lisa has a sick boy again.  My daughter is teething...
So one of those days.

Rememeber try and vote for us in the blog awards.


CIty Council Listed

So excited. This morning I got notified that my business has been accepted into Maroondah City Council and Whitehorse City Council Business Directories.

These directories list businesses that service those areas as a quick function for residents to find a specific business that they require.

Still awaiting for the Maroondah listing to be updated as they have my old details from old address but you can view my listing on Whitehorse City Council here

I am having a very slow and quiet day today.......one of my boys is better but it worked out it wasnt teeth related all his temperatures he had over three days but a BUG......now another boy has it.....just was sick....so am off to doctors as just saw his throat....

Glad its holidays so we can relax and heal.

xo Lisa

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Business Mums Network Blog Awards 2009

Oh how very very exciting.....our little blog has been nominated for Business Mums Network Blog Awards!

Nominations are now open for your favourite blog. Nominations close on Friday 25 September. Voting opens on Monday 5 October.
Blogs with the highest number of nominations will be chosen as finalists and open to voting.

So please if you feel Overall Being has given you love from any form.....click the above link to vote for us as a possible nomination for 2009.

 We do greatly appreciate all the support and love that our followers give us....being a home based business that we work around our family truly means so much more.

We thank you in advance!

All our love
Lisa & Allie

Friday, August 21, 2009

Overall Being's First Minky Play Rug

Oh what a delish little treasure this has turned out to be.......Someone recently described our blankets as "liquid gold"......have never even thought them as that but oh yes what a great description.

Imgaine your little one lying on a bed of liquid gold all warm and snug playing with this.......

The one side is the most softest and lushious side of pink....with little triangles of more minky with ribbons for play and stimulation of the mind....the ribbons can then be used to attach your other toys too when in the pram or cot.

The other side is a contrasting of dots....pinks, browns and chocolates......perfect if you just want to use the other side as their blanket in bed.....

This Girls Play Rug is available for a quick sale today.....email me for further information


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Auric Healing Colour Wheel

Gaze into the center of the Auric Healing Colour Wheel above on the screen; or
If you prefer, print it out as it is a better bet for the visualization due to the glaring effects of the screen.

Stand 4 – 7 feet away or whichever you feel comfortable with.

Soon the pattern will begin to move and reflect with your auric colors.

Your auric color(s) may change due to many effects, including healing, negative situations, emotional states, and as we progress on our life path, we may progress through events and develop a new state of being.

This is good as a Concentration exercise or meditation as well.

This chart will explain about your colour that you see......

Have Fun! Mine today I got green....lets see what I get tomorrow ....


What a day! Filled with utter excitment at all levels.

Most of all a day that is filled with so much gratitude to Michelle for believing in my business enough to share it with all her followers!! My soul was so touched to see where she had posted about my website and me.

Here is a copy of what I have already published on my website.....To view the whole section you can view the interview on Michelles blog and website.

Overall Being one of the first featured businesses on The House of Vinter!!!

Overall Being is so very excited when asked if we would like to be featured on the above areas......please follow the links shown in the blurb below or by clicking any of the banners above.
Michelle is a mother of 9, and has been a freelance writer for a number of years. She is currently writing for the online magazine Connect2Mums as well as for her own forum Celebrating Women and Business Women Unite where she was named a top article writer for the week of June 30, 2009. She also runs 2 Little Hands 2 Little Feet and her other fabulous spot The House of Vinter.
To view anything from Michelle's site's please click on the above name's/banner's which will take you direct to her pages.
I would like to extend a massive thankyou and show of gratitude for the support that Michelle has give me in such a short span of knowing her. She is an inspiration to everyone!
Here is a snippet of what is posted on her The House of Vinter about Overall Being and Lisa Kavenagh (Me :) ) Or if you wanted to read about it click the the website link "The House of Vinter"
1. How long have you been operating Overall Being in Victoria? It’s a great name for a business.

Overall Being has been operating in Victoria since 2003.

2. What was your inspiration for your business name and logo?

I wanted something that tied everything up that I have the love for. I love aromatherapy and fine gifts. Because I am also a qualified therapist I needed something that would flow with my qualifications aswell. My Logo symbolises purity and wholeness. The flower in there is the Lotus. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck. This is mind I believe is me.

3. Do you operate your business from home or do you have a shop front?

I operate from home and believe it or not on my kitchen table, downstairs in a nook desk and loungeroom :) So I take over the house really, much to the annoyance to my darling husband. I would absolutely love to have a shop. Filled with aromatherapy, Minky blankets, warm brewed coffee and hot chocolate and the comfort of a couch for visitors to sit and take a moment whilst shopping.

4. How do you choose your stock?

I choose organic or natural first of all. Then comes quickness of delivery. I tend to try buy Australian made raw materials but sometimes there are moments that I do have to go over to USA. I also support other work at home businesses. I believe without the strength of the working at home range our industry would lack the love that these businesses have in them.

5. What are your best sellers?

My best sellers are Minky Blankets, then aromatherapy but my new Scrabble Tiled Pendants are looking like they may throw all that out.
I have deliberately left off the other answers and questions to enable you to visit Michelles site to view and read more :))) Look forward to hearing your feedback.
Everything that Michelle has gone through truly shows what a remarkable soul person she is. Filled with such love and devotion and purity.

Please support :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whoa nelly!!!

Didnt someone say you should be able to pull on the stirrups and raines to stop things.....well I cant find them this week....so many things and so little time....but i suppose if I stop for a moment to breathe I realise that these things can be stopped and can wait.

I just hate knowing that things are hovering over my head and little things that I want done "yesterday" is still there.....

Still fighting off those demons that lurk amongst the midst of the unknown....doesnt help when those friends who say they will be there for you never are,.....

why do people say they will help you and be there for you never show up!? I dont know why people would waste the air that they breathe to do those things.

oh life....

well my eldest son turns 13 this friday....how many circles i have turned over the past 13years.....how many differing things that have happened in that time aswell....

* getting married
* moving to a new state
* loosing my mother
* having three more children


To sit and ponder that is quite daunting really.

Have just spent the last week or so revamping my website....which I am quite pleased with the result....even if I am not anywhere webmastery (love my made up words lol) qualified! Added new info,....a new logo (which will detail that soon about the fabulous Leisa)..........and new products.

Ok breathe moment.....

hmmmm can smell my marinated chicken in the oven in that moment.....house smells so yummy

Ok where was I....oh yes.....

Finally all finished.....even managed to fit in making gift vouchers and fundraising info aswell which what I wanted to do weeks ago.

Anyways that is an update...a very quick one at that for my thoughts....

Now onto next blog entry...........

Scrabble Tile Pendants!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MillaRuby Designs and Overall Being joining winter forces...

I am so thrilled ....I have so much going on atm that is making me filled with so much excitement.

Caddie which I am calling CC cause I find her incredibly talented (Creative Caddie)! at MillaRuby Designs and myself are teaming up together to bring everyone such gorgeous and incredibly unique gifts.

Beanies and Blankets.....all made to suit everyones taste and love of snuggles. All our gifts will be tailored and matched to each order so they match perfectly. Imagine your little one snuggling with a Blanket and wearing a matching beanie....what a gorgeous creation is that :)

Not only with this exciting news I am now a proud sponsor of L'il Aussie Prems. Such a cause that needs to be helped. My heart just melts and my emotions rise when I think about this gorgeous little treasures having such a rough start to their life.

To this I have donated a Blanket for them to use in their next competition. I am so thrilled they loved my idea.
If there is anyway you can help L'il Aussie Prems then please do so.

Anyways that is what I had to share....such excitement!!

Oh I cant wait to create using this fabric. Why does it have to take so long to get here hehe wish I could snap my fingers and its here. I just couldnt decide on which patchwork blanket to make first so thought why not ! I will do all three.

That way I can offer it off as competition prize.

What another busy month.....Exciting though nevertheless teaming up with Caddie at Millaruby Designs. My Blankets and Caddies Beanies will be a sure hit as gifts for any little one.

My eldest sons shoulder is on the mend....football has alot to answer for I recon but how can a parent say no to the love of sport for their child...*shrugs*

My second born Nicholas is off to swim four events at MSAC this saturday...oh cant wait...he was abit nervous to be honest as couldnt master the turns under water....He sure didnt look like he was struggling with it this week at squad training!

Lots of networking I have done this week.....love helping other wahm's. By giving back I believe it brings good energy to you.

My PR Marketing Agency is about to start up soon and I will be one of their first clients...so cannot wait to work with them. Kirsty is the best! With all her expertise in the parenting field I am hoping she can boost Overall Being out of the sky.

I do know though my overseas PR Agency who I used to give a Blanket too for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt absolutely loved my Blanket. So did Angelina! What a buzz! Now fingers crossed that I see them using it in a photo in a magazine :)

Well should be doing washing....am browsing past all that ironing I have sitting there...where is that fairy?! Holidaying probably in Greek Isles.

Anyways am off....can hear Jack calling me....he is probably found himself in his brothers room and terrorising everything in sight...........

Warm Blessings to all that read....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gee its been ages since I have blogged....time is so not on my side lately.

I have though finished and sent off Shiloh Jolie-Pitts blanket....oh it was so gorgeous wishes I could have kept it....*mental note: make one for myself* So awaiting back from marketing agency overseas with a copy of my press release and photos that were taken from their editor.

Gee just imagine....browsing through a magazine and seeing my Minky Blanket there with Shiloh....Angelina and Brads daughter!! My head spins each time I think about it.

Not too mention when I had just finished that I have been asked for samples to stock a dayspa....hmmmm that chinaman i ran over must be vanished now hehehe

Anyways here is a peak at the blanket I made for Shiloh just so you can keep an eye out....

What do you think?? I love it personally hehehe

Hmmm ok what else have I been up too.....apart from trying to keep this cold at bay and not taking strong hold of me.

Apart from doing these samples up and completing orders not alot really.

Oh oh I know have made a new quillow for my stock....its so useful really. It rolls up into a cushion then when unrolled walla!! a ready made blanket....all made in Minky on Minky....

Here is a pic of it....

and the cushion it folds up into....so snuggy so my boys have kind of stolen it...so might have to make some for our couch...

ok I think maybe I have rambled enough.....not sure what else to update about as still getting use to the world of Blogging....

Til next time....blessings to all.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Website revamped

I am so happy and relieved Overall Being website is all finished and updated.

New theme, new information but best of all new products and information on it.


Monday, March 30, 2009


The hottest new craze that has hit all children young and old....

Build-A-Bear products can be purchased from Overall Being now.

Takes the stress out of your life if you dont have the time to build it....just purchase it all from Overall Being and I will send it all made up!

Email for more information.


Mini Fury Friends start at $25
Larger bears start at $55.

All come with their very own certificates.

Fabric Available

Overall Being can make any blanket using any fabric desired. The main fabric used is an organice cotton or Minky. Minky is the most deliciously cuddlest material around.

Take a look at photos area in our facebook group....to view some swatches available.

If you do not see a colour there....not a problem, at time of ordering let us know the colour required and we will send you across a colour swatch for viewing before your blanket is made.

To view our facebook group click on the link below


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Welcome to Overall Being....Items which are uniquely one off personalised products for everyone!

Baby Blankets , Essential oil products, Digital Scrapbooking and Pandora style bracelets.

From babies through to your grandparents....

Any feedback or enquiries please feel free in contacting us on